Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome to the Future

Hi there fellow Time Travelers, I have been researching some stuff we may find as we travel further into the future. every second, we come closer to our final destination. I often wonder what would happen if we exceeded our time and missed that destination. Just thought I would write a short post as I have not written in awhile. My apologies.

Anyway, while you ponder all that, take a look at this report I came across concerning a UFO shaped car... Silly RCMP and Alaska State authorities lol http://gas2.org/2008/09/09/alaska-police-pull-over-solar-powered-car-think-its-a-ufo/#comment-23008

Further along that link, a surprise by Lotus: http://gas2.org/2008/07/30/grow-your-own-the-solar-powered-lotus-made-from-hemp/
it's main power is traditional gasoline, however it does have electric assist with solar panels on the roof. Well, welcome to the future my buds. Try not to disturb the locals on your way through, they are disturbed enough already.

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