Monday, August 4, 2008

PGPMC News Happy BC Day!

PG power Mobility club has officially partnered with "Asleep At My Desk Productions", a new developing video, photography and marketing company in Prince George; Ken Biron is the owner of that mess (Stay tuned). PGPMP is also partnered with AAMD's other partner, PGWalknroll. PGWNR is owned by Ken Biron and Lorraine Young. This blog is hosted and promoted on WNR's space and in their newsletter!

Another partner of PGWalknroll and AAMD Productions, "Grampa Ganja's Happy Man's Hemp Shop" is interested in talking to PGPMC about a combined Electric Day / HempFest in Prince George before the Olympics in 2010. Flavored and fueled by 420 legalization, it will be focused on serious environmental and medical issues. This would attract a huge market world wide (who will be in the area anyway) for a full weekend. Music, Good times and serious talk mixed throughout. Time, place and focused event details to follow. HMHS needs to work out a few details: In Brieif;

How would an "Electric Hemp" theme go over in Prince George British Columbia Canada?

Where in the huge area of wide open areas in the Prince George City area could an event of this scale be held?

Stay tuned for the answers (or comment below and help us plan)

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